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July 6, 2011

13 members of the Geraldton District Hospital Corporation attended the Annual General Meeting held at the Northern Horizon Health Centre in Geraldton on Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

Reports were received from Dick Mannisto, Chair, Kurt Pristanski, CEO, Dr. Laine, Chief of Medical Staff, Dorothy Friske, Auxiliary President and Deanna Thibault, Treasurer.  Some of the highlights of the reports include:

  • Master Plan:  The Hospital continues to work with the North West Local Health Integration Network and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care representatives in order to attain approval to relocate the Emergency Department from the lower level to the upper level next to the Acute Care unit.  Hopefully the government will approve this $10 million project (one of 80 projects under consideration) to help improve services, stimulate the economy in the area and more importantly, to be ready for the “Ring of Fire” and/or other mining developments.
  • Physician Recruitment:  Recruitment of physicians continues to be a challenge despite improvements to incentive packages offered by both the Hospital and Government.  Dr. Laine was pleased to confirm the addition of Dr. Bell to the medical staff.
  • Professional Staff Recruitment:  The tuition fee reimbursement incentive established four years ago by the Hospital continues to be successful.  Two more nurses were recruited.
  • Operating Budget:  The Hospital is in a good financial position.  The surplus of $220,276 goes into hospital reserves to purchase equipment and fund projects in future years.
  • Capital Budget:  The Hospital upgraded the ventilation system in the north wing of the Hospital.  This $727,000 project was $163,000 under budget.  It was also subsidized by the government in the amount of $211,326.  The ventilation system in the Acute Care unit will be upgraded in 2011.
  • Bylaw Amendments: The Administrative Section of the Bylaw was completely amended.  Many of the amendments pertained to changes in the Public Hospital Act and new laws, such as the Excellent Care for All Act.  Also, all people residing within the service area of the Hospital are now automatically members of the Hospital Corporation and annual fees are no longer required.
  • Accreditation: Accreditation Canada surveyors thoroughly assessed the Hospital from June 5 to 8, 2011.  The report noted that 1122 of 1169 national standards were met.  This is a score of 96%.  Congratulations to all Staff, Physicians, Volunteers, Partners and Quality Improvement Teams for their efforts.

The Nominating Committee nominated 2 existing members for re-election and one new member for election.  Members of the Corporation did not nominate any candidates.  Thus, the 3 nominees Deanna Thibault, Willy Anton and Marla Michel (new) were all acclaimed for 3 year terms.

The Board is now comprised of the following members:

Deanna Thibault, Chair                                       Marla Michel                  Dr. Laine, Chief of Staff*

Victor Chapais, Vice Chair                                 Elaine Mannisto             Vacant, President of Medical Staff*

Jamie McPherson, Treasurer                              Audrey Johnston           Kurt Pristanski, Chief Executive Officer*

Melanie Lankin, Hospital Auxiliary                       Dick Mannisto               Kelly Elliott, Chief Nursing Officer*

Vacant, Industrial Representative                        Willy Anton                   Sylvie Duranceau, Chief Clinical Officer*

Dale Randa                   *non-voting members

If anyone is interested in receiving complete copies of the Reports and Financial Statements then please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Kurt Pristanski at 854-4107.

Si vous désirez recevoir ce communiqué en français, veillez appeler le 854-4102.