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Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are from 1:00pm to 8:00 p.m.  We ask that you wait until 1:00 p.m. to visit as a courtesy to respect the privacy of our patients. If you need to know the patient’s room number, simply ask at the Nursing station on the Acute Care unit.


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new gdh ceo The Board of Directors of Geraldton District Hospital has completed an extensive national search for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of ... Read More

Patient & Staff Safety

News Release Patient & Staff Safety to Prevent a Local Health Crisis As Interim CEO at Geraldton District Hospital, I am very pleased to report to the residents of the Hospital’s catchment area ... Read More

GDH Visitation Policy Update

Visitation Policy Long Term Care and Acute Care Effective Monday September, 2020 Long Term Care The LTC home will now move visiting to the indoors if the family and resident so wish or may remain visiting ... Read More

New Interim CEO

New Interim Chief Executive Officer at Geraldton District Hospital On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Geraldton District Hospital (GDH), we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Kurt ... Read More

Hospital Triage Area

Hospital Emergency Department Triage Area Relocation The Emergency Department triage area located in the main lobby of the Hospital’s top floor will be closing. All patients who require Emergency ... Read More

About Geraldton District Hospital

Geraldton District Hospital is a fully accredited, progressive health care organization committed to providing high quality services to residents of Greenstone (Geraldton, Longlac, Nakina, Beardmore, Caramat) and surrounding First Nations communities.

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