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About Us

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers that are professionals and who represent the different communities in our region. We are grateful for their time and effort in ensuring a strong and safe working environment at the Geraldton District Hospital. Our board consists of 9 elected members, 2 appointed members and 6 non-voting members.

2020 - 2021 Board


Front row:
Terry Popowich, Dr. Zufelt, Ralph Humphreys, Mark Wright (Vice Chair), Ian McPherson

Middle row:
Dr. Laine, Sanna Humphreys, Chico Tschajka, Jamie McPherson, Laurie Heerema,  Willy Anton

Back row:
Kathryn Legault, Lucy Bonanno (CEO), Dorene Boulanger (Chair),  Brigitte Ouellet

Cheryl Checkley

Elected Members

Dorene Boulanger Chair, Francophone
Mark Wright Vice-Chair
James McPherson Treasurer
Terry Popowich Director
Ralph Humphreys Director
Kathryn Legault Director
Willy Anton Francophone
Cheryl Checkley First Nations
Vacant First Nations

Appointed Members

Sanna Humphreys Hospital Auxiliary
Chico Tschajka Industry

Non-Voting Members

Dr. Roy Laine Chief of Medical Staff
Dr. Ryan Zufelt Presidentof Medical Staff
Lucy Bonanno Chief Executive Officer
Laurie Heerema Chief Nursing Executive
Brigitte Ouellet Chief of Clinical Services
Ian McPherson Acting, Chief Financial Officer