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You must bring your healthcard and a list of your medications with you when accessing services at the hospital.


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North West Local Health Integration Network

Acknowledges New Partnership Program in Geraldton with a Certificate of Recognition

‘Community Paramedical Program’


On December 11th, 2018 the North West LHIN Board of Directors held their annual awards ceremony. This is where they acknowledge outstanding innovative programs and patient related quality improvement initiatives across the North West. 

One new program that received acknowledgement with a presentation of a Certificate of Recognition, was for the Community Paramedical Program (CPP) in Geraldton. A certificate was awarded to Geraldton District Hospital and the Superior North Emergency Medical Services (EMS), who were the founders of this program in an attempt to help our frail and elderly patients stay in their homes longer.

While this program is successful in the City of Thunder Bay, it had never been attempted within our rural areas. It was in pilot phase in Geraldton, for a while, working out the processes and feedback from the various involved front line staff (ie. EMS staff, home care staff, physician feedback) before we were able to verify that in fact, this program has great merit for our community.

The CPP program is truly a team approach, where an interdisciplinary Committee of healthcare professionals and organizations was developed. The EMS personnel are also, sitting at the table with this program that helps home bound frail and elderly patients.

A special thanks to Jim Greenaway from Thunder Bay EMS who completed the education portion of the program, together with Lucy Bonanno, CEO of Geraldton District Hospital, both worked very hard, in helping get this off the ground. Also, to all our EMS staff and Stephane  LeBlanc, EMS Supervisor for Superior North, for their dedication to the patients and vision of this program.

The LHIN Board of Directors acknowledged the great work that the program is doing and thanked all those involved with it, as it truly shows a team approach of care for a community, where patients are front and centre.

Programs across the North West that received a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ for their programs voted on by the North West LHIN Board of Directors:

  • Crossroads Centre Inc.
  • Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic, NorWest CHC
  • Angela Bishop, CEO, Red Lak Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital
  • Geraldton District Hospital and Superior North EMS: Community Paramedical Program