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You must bring your healthcard and a list of your medications with you when accessing services at the hospital.


500 Hogarth Ave. W
Geraldton, ON
P0T 1M0

Visiting Hours

Acute Care
1:00pm - 4:00pm
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Geraldton District Hospital

providing acute and long-term care

Our Mission

  • community-based culturally-sensitive quality care

Our Vision

  • Co-ordinated quality healthcare through established
  • Working linkages and partnerships

Our Values

  • To provide safe client-centered multi-disciplinary quality care
  • To respect the dignity and diversity of our clients and human resources
  • To practice continuous quality improvement
  • To provide a safe, healthy and accessible environment for clients, staff, volunteers and visitors
  • To be legally, ethically, fiscally and environmentally accountable
  • To learn and to evolve

December 4, 2012

Logo Interpretation

The Geraldton District Hospital Logo

The color white symbolizes purity and is the international colour used
by persons in the field of medicine.

The different blues symbolize the blue water and the blue sky.

The tree symbolizes the tree of life and the geographical region the 
hospital serves.

The circle symbolizes a protective space.

Deborah B. Stevens 
August 1993