Geraldton District Hospital, Building


Greenstone COVID Case




Geraldton District Hospital has received notification that there is a positive novel coronavirus (COVID-19) test result for a person in the Municipality of Greenstone

The affected individual is doing well and isolating per Public Health guidance.  Close contacts, if any, will be identified and contacted by Public Health with further instructions if necessary.

As a result, the Geraldton District Hospital is taking extra precautions to keep residents, patients and staff safe.  Effective immediately, 10:00 am Friday, December 4th, 2020, no visitors will be permitted in the Hospital.  For all persons seeking Hospital services, cloth masks will no longer be permitted and a surgical mask will be provided.

In light of the newly identified case, please remain calm and practice extreme vigilance – wear your mask, practice hand hygiene and maintain a distance of 6 feet whenever possible.


Further updates will be provided as necessary.


Thank you.

Kurt Pristanski

Interim CEO