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Thank you! LTC Gifts


Thank you - Tbaytel & Superior Sight & Sound/Greenstone Phone Fix!

The Geraldton District Hospital would like to send a big Thank You to Tbaytel and Superior Sight & Sound/Greenstone Phone Fix for the generous donation of Christmas gifts to our seniors on Long Term Care. This has been an extremely difficult Christmas for our seniors this year with the Pandemic lockdown and not being able to see their families during the holidays. Thank you Brad Cargnelutti and family for recognizing our seniors and accepting the challenge from Tbaytel to spread the cheer throughout their communities.


"On the fifth day of Christmas, Tbaytel challenged our Sales Partners in the region to spread cheer throughout their communities! While a road trip was not in the cards this year, we still managed to spread cheer throughout Northern Ontario with the help of our Sales Partners.

Superior Sight & Sound in Longlac put together gift bags for the Long Term Care facility in Geraldton District Hospital. Due to COVID-19, residents there might not be able to see their families for Christmas. To make sure they will still have a Merry Christmas, Owner Bradley Cargnelutti and his family headed to The Bargain Shop, which stayed open late to help, purchased thousands of dollars worth of gifts, customized every card for every gift bag and even personalized pens for the residents with a tool he uses for phone repair! Cargnelutti says these residents helped build Greenstone, what the communities are and even helped make him who he is.