Geraldton District Hospital, Building


Visitor COVID-19 Vaccination Policy



Effective Wednesday September 1, 2021, anyone visiting an inpatient or long-term care resident:

  • Must provide documented proof of their COVID-19 vaccination showing that 14 days have passed since their second COVID-19 vaccine dose
  • OR provide a negative PCR test results taken within three days before the visit

Accommodations will be made through another process in the event a person is the parent/guardian of a pediatric patient, or visiting an end-of-life patient and cannot provide proof of their vaccination or does not have time to receive a test.

COVID-19 vaccine receipts can be found at Those taking a PCR test must do so at a community swabbing centre. 

Regardless of vaccination status, any visitors will need to wear personal protective equipment per staff direction.

*** This does not apply to individuals seeking medical treatment - medical treatment will be provided regardless of vaccination status. ***


Thank you.