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Exciting news from Hospital activities as well as reports from the CEO are available and will be updated with new information as it becomes available!

  • Hospital Parking - Temporary

    Dear Visitors and Patients, Due to the ER Redevelopment Project, there will be a reduced number of parking spots at the Hospital until further noticed. This is all part of the construction project and cannot be helped. We kindly ask all patients and visitors to refrain from parking on Geraldton Composite ...

  • Gastrointestinal Outbreak - AC

    Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 11, 2019 A gastrointestinal illness outbreak was declared on the Acute Care unit of the Geraldton District Hospital on November 9, 2019, at 6pm by officials at the Public Health Unit and the Geraldton District Hospital. All admissions, transfers, discharges and ...

  • Artwork in Long-Term Care

    Dear Community Members, November 2019 The John Owen Evans Residence continues to improve its infection control practices and as per new infection control standards and laws, we can no longer display canvases or framed art work that are not covered in glass or cannot be wiped down. We kindly ask that if you ...

  • GDH - ED Project Announcement!

    Geraldton District Hospital Celebrates Construction Start of New Emergency Department with Formal Community Announcement (Geraldton, ON – Thursday, October 3, 2019) Geraldton District Hospital is happy to announce the start of construction of their new Emergency Department (ER). The formal announcement ...

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  • Volunteers' Tree of Life Recognition Awards 2019

    Volunteers’ Tree of Life Recognition Awards 2019 The Geraldton District Hospital hosted the annual Volunteer Appreciation Social that was held on April 8, 2019, at 7:00pm; at which time the Volunteers’ Tree of Life Recognition Awards were presented. The Volunteers’ Tree of Life was dedicated ...

  • Palliative Care Suite Opens – March 18, 2019

    Geraldton District Hospital Palliative Care Suite Opens – March 18, 2019 Geraldton District Hospital is happy to announce, on March 18, 2019, the official opening of our new palliative care suite, located on the acute care wing of the hospital. Thanks to the generosity of one of our own in the community. ...

  • March 2019 News Updates

    Geraldton District Hospital March 2019 News Updates Geraldton District Hospital strives to maintain excellence in care. Most of us think clinically, or of nurses and doctors, when we think of patient care in a hospital. However, a hospital is made up of many departments that include areas most of the public does ...

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  • Community Paramedical Program

    North West Local Health Integration Network Acknowledges New Partnership Program in Geraldton with a Certificate of Recognition ‘Community Paramedical Program’ On December 11 th , 2018 the North West LHIN Board of Directors held their annual awards ceremony. This is where they acknowledge outstanding ...

  • North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Award

    North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Award Presented to Geraldton District Hospital and the Thunderbird Friendship Centre for their innovative new program ‘Never Forgotten Program’ Geraldton District Hospital and Thunderbird Friendship Centre Exceptional Practice in Diversity and Inclusion ...

  • Seasons Greetings